Derma planing - $40 add to any facial, peel, or skin treatment

This doubly beneficial procedure gently removes superficial dead skin cells and unwanted fine facial hair, revealing fresh and glowing skin.

Gemstone Bright Eyes Treatment $20

Nosberry Eye Exfoliation, Rasberry Eye Mask & Cucumber Eye Cell: reduces puffiness & dark spots, improves fine lines and helps prevent milia. With cooling gemstones. 


Your skin will thank you! 
This exfoliating body polish is enriched with organic sugar cane crystals, organic jojoba, sunflower oil & exotic nut extracts that will nourish, moisturize & protect your skin leaving it glowing & feeling healthy!

Tame the Mane (Hair and Scalp Treatment) $25

Based on specific energy lines and pressure points, this treatment focuses on the head, and scalp offering deep relaxation. Essential oils are selected to help calm and quiet the mind as well as to relieve stress and tension from the body. An olive oil based serum created especially for hair is applied while we work our wonders on head and shoulders.

Herbal Mud Mask for the Feet or Back $20
This warm chamomile masque has potent, fortifying anti-oxidant algae and is infused with essential oils that will seep into your skin, renewing its strength, leaving it soft , hydrated and is designed help soothe, heal & stimulate circulation. $30 for Back & Feet